“ It’s not just enough to change the players.We’ve gotta change the game.”
Barack Obama

AIPA brings a wealth of experience to the table with a very strong multidisciplinary Team to help provide effective solutions to complex problems and assist organisations in not only becoming more efficient but also more effective with service delivery and communicating with their constituents.

We provide the following management consulting services:

Perception Surveys

Conduct perception surveys (employees, stakeholders, community, etc)

Project and Programme Management

Project management of flagship projects.
Establishment of project management systems and process .

Human Resource Development Strategy

Assessment of private sector skills needs.
Assessment of skills provided at higher institutions.
Development of human resource development strategy.

Organizational Structure Design

Review organizational structure, policies and plans.
Design of innovative organization structures and development of reporting mechanisms.

Human Resources Audits

Skills audit.
Competency assessments.
Employment equity audit.
Workplace skills plans.
Personal development plans.

Performance Management

Development and implementation of performance management Systems.
Development performance agreements and workplans.
Development of performance standards and service standards.
Compiling of annual performance reports.

Employment Equity

Development of employment equity plan.
Development of employment equity report.
Training on employment equity.

Strategic Business Planning

Facilitation of strategic and business planning workshops.
Strategy development and implementation.
Business planning and operational plans.

Strategic Corporate Communications

Strategic communications planning.
Awareness campaign management and key message development
Secretariat and report writing services (boards; conferences, seminars, workshops).

Stakeholder Relations and Partnerships

Facilitation of community consultation and negotiations on behalf of organisations.
Facilitation of agreements and entering into economic partnerships focussing on self-reliance for communities.

” The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.”
Steve Jobs



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